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Delivery Trading

The biggest advantage of delivery based trading is that you are not bound with time for selling the stock like Intraday Trading. You can hold the stocks for as long as you want. Therefore, with delivery based trading you can always take your time to take a decision and reduce the risk of losses. Delivery trade is opposite of intraday trade. The shares you bought will be in your demat account.

You can take delivery of shares only to the extent of money you have in your account. In simple words you can only buy shares with the money you have. For e.g. if you have Rs.10, 000/- means you can only buy share worth of Rs.10, 000/- or less than that only.

Delivery shares can be hold for a week, for a month or for a couple of months. That all depends on the trader how long he/she wants to hold. There is no time limits.

  • Accuracy Approximate 99%
  • Monthly 8-12 Calls
  • Investment Call for 11-30 Days
  • Calls will be provided depend on the market trends.
  • Supports will be provided via SMS, Call & Chat
  • Recommendations are based on our expert's Analysis
  • Complete Telephonic & SMS support during and after market hours

Advantages of Delivery Trading

  • Long-Term Gain: In Delivery trade shares are hold for the future. There are long-term gains in terms of security price, along with bonuses, dividends, rights issue etc. There is no time limit to sell the securities. Trader don’t need to book loss if you believe that the stock can do well in the long-run
  • Safer than intraday: The risk in delivery is comparatively lower than intraday, here if traders gain loss on the same day of purchasing he/she can hold for a longer. There is less risk of gain loss.
  • Ownership: Delivery traders immediately receive the ownership of shares at time of purchase itself. A trader does not need to wait to get a ownership.
  • Demat Account: Trader does not need to wait for Purchase & Sales of Stock He/she can do by himself through Demat Account. Only the thing required is computer, Internet & Basic Market Knowledge.
  • Good Returns: Majority of the people keep their money in bank which gives them interest at 6% or 6.5% per year. Whereas investing in shares can gave a good return. If investment is done in good growing company you can earn minimum 15% returns per year. Some companies give 30 to 40% returns per year.
  • Dividends: Dividend refers to payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits. If Investment is done in good growing company trader than may declare dividend per share.
  • Bonus Shares: If company makes huge profit then company may provide bonus shares. Bonus shares are provide 1:1 that means if you have one share you may get another free. These benefits companies offers to its shareholders time to time and by holding shares for longer duration you can get those benefits.

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Delivery Trading Packages

Half Yearly
  • Delivery Trading Axis Bank
  • Delivery Trading Payumoney
  • Delivery Trading Net Banking
  • Delivery Trading UPI
  • Delivery Trading Bhim Apps